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  • The Right to Smile

    Everybody has rights. The right to life, the right to health and the right to be able to smile. What happens in the event that you visit the orthodontist but the results are not what you expected?  What are your rights as an advanced orthodontics patient?

    • First, you have a right to know exactly what the problem is and how the orthodontist is going to treat it
    • You have the right to be given more than one option along with reasons and recommendation with each option
    • You have the right to look for a second opinion
    • You have the right to understand the fee structure
    • You have the right to comfort, throughout the treatment and afterwards.
    • You have the right to respect, from the orthodontist and staff
    • You have the right to be treated in clean and sterile surroundings

    Unfortunate, things do go wrong but your orthodontist should be prepared to put things right in the event that it was something they did that caused the problem.  Always check that your orthodontist is insured – if he isn’t any compensation claims will more than likely be a waste of time.

    If the orthodontist has done something that has damaged your teeth the chances are this can never be put right properly. In this case, you do have the right to sue.

    These rights apply to everyone, whether they have money or not. Unfortunately it seems that poor people suffer the most, in part because they don’t have the money to put things right and in part because, more often than not they are not informed of their rights.

    Everybody should be treated as equal when it comes to healthcare of any kind. Young or old, rich or poor, we all have the same rights and we should all be treated the same.  The sad truth is, it doesn’t happen.  To ensure you do get the best treatment, make sure you visit a properly registered and licensed orthodontist company, such as Brace Your Smile, offering advanced orthodontics in the Aurora area.